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Fake Landscape Rock Project Pictures from Our Customers


Here are few of the things our Customers have created using our unique CaveRock process:

Hilarys_CaveRock_Planter.jpg (328386 bytes)

This is a great accent planter that allows for live plants to grow graciously from the rock structure.
cave-rock-001.gif (151558 bytes)

Backyard caves make a Great 'Special Place' for the kids to enjoy for years as they grow up using their imagination.

Hilarys_CR1.JPG (49662 bytes)

This playhouse cave was completely done by a stay at home Mom. A real Flintstone abode.


customer-cave-5.gif (89598 bytes)

Backyard Cave or a great way to use as a hunting cover.

1HSgradCave1.JPG (43578 bytes)

A high school graduation class built this CaveRock design as their stage prop.

waterfallpond-1.gif (88252 bytes)

This customer wanted a waterfall from a rock and used our process to do this neat display.


well-head-cover-2.gif (82225 bytes)

well-head-cover-450x225.jpg (61199 bytes)



.zoo-tree-23.JPG (55550 bytes)

customer-creation-4.png (110529 bytes)



neighborhood yard sale sign


neighborhood yard sale


Creating unique outdoor projects like artificial rocks and boulders can be both decorative and functional as well. Many of our customers have found their own personal uses of our unique plans.

The application of our process gives you the assurance that you cannot mess this up, after all there are no two rocks alike and therefore your creation will be as unique as you want it to be.

Landscaping with rocks is so much fun when you can save on the cost of the rocks and make your own rocks to fit your design and size of your backyard landscape. If you need big boulders to accent your landscape, no problem. There is no heavy lifting to get the rocks in just the right position.

It Only Takes a Weekend to Create and You get Years of Enjoyment!

Amazingly Realistic

Accent Rocks
 Stage Props
or Cover Rocks 
to Large Boulders
Use for Hunting Coverage,
Garden Shed, Divider Wall,
Privacy Shelter, Animal Habitat

.Fake Rock Landscape Rock Artificial Rocks and boulders is not all that can be created  with our unique CaveRock process. You can re-create rock mailboxes, churches have re-created Jesus' tomb during Easter, some customers have converted their basements to man caves with the full cave walls effect. 

man-made-caves.gif (176106 bytes)

how-to-make-fake-rock.gif (142957 bytes)


customer-cr-pic-4.gif (160093 bytes)

customer-cr-pic-3.gif (147214 bytes)


These amazing rock walls were made by a college student for his year's presentation project. The realism is incredible.


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Fake rock - Landscape rock - Artificial rocks and boulders are fast becoming the hottest outdoor craft. Be the first to incorporate artificial rocks and boulders into your landscaping project. Artificial rocks are easy to build and last for years of outdoor enjoyment. Artificial rocks are cool when you take away the issue of lifting and moving. Artificial rocks ROCK!

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